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RSA-Cosmos SN-1000

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From 2009 to 2011
Number of copies: 3

Number of stars: 9300

History: An optical sky projection unit In the centre of the theatre, a motorised starball and its patented optical system ensure projection of more than 9,300 stars, 110 Messier objects, the Milky Way, celestial marks (azimutal grid, equator, ecliptic and meridian), and 30 constellations.
A powerful calculator designed and developed by RSA Cosmos controls it.
An optical solar system projection system Linked to the optical sky projection unit, this system of 10 individual projectors enables the projection of the planets of the solar system, including the Sun and the Moon.
A powerful calculator manages each projector: astronomical movements, trajectories, orbits, circling, special effects, etc.
A control software DomeManager is a planetarium control software developed for controlling all equipments of a modern planetarium optical astronomical projector, digital fulldome projection sysem, cove lighting, spatial audio system, multimedia effects, and various peripherals.

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