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Prototype Nishimura

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From 1967 to 1967
Number of copies: 1

Number of stars: 3700
Magnitude limit: 1.0

At the enthusiastic request of Mr. Keizo Morimoto, the founder of the Tsuyama Museum of Science and Education (currently Tsuyama Museum of Wonders of Nature), Hanjiro Nishimura (the second president of Nishimura Seisakusho) was contracted on the condition of a prototype, and in 1967, was completed and delivered. (Isshi Tabe)

- Lens projection: 3700 stars, 5.5 magnitude stars, copper plate star original plate
- North-South ball 60W light bulb used
- Diurnal 1 minute 1 rotation and 10 minute 1 rotation forward/reverse
- motor Latitude change, precession possible forward/reverse motor
- Meridian, Ecliptic, Equatorial, Sunset Nighttime Twilight Illumination
- 2 galaxies, 3 nebulae
- Sun, moon, planets hand adjustment
- Lighting inside the dome 2 60W bulbs
- Operation desk (switchboard)

This machine is now temporaly exhibit at Kurashiki Science Center, Kurashiki, Okayama Japan.
This machine worked from 1967 to 1980

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